Tooling Up Russia’s Manufacturing Future ( Oct. 20. 2017 )

The Russian manufacturing sector is working to boost its domestic production of industrial and other goods to reduce its dependency on imports due to western sanctions and the depreciation of the Russian ruble.

Even with these hindrances, the Russian economy keeps showing positive signs of recovery and growth yet while these signs are positive, the manufacturing sector is pinning high hopes on companies like TaeguTec for their advanced engineering of quality cutting tools.

Recently, TaeguTec invited about 40 industrial leaders from Russia to its headquarters for an informative customer seminar regarding the proper use of cutting tools for the industries that are fueling the Russian economy.

During the two-day seminar, machinists, managers and industrial experts from Russia were given the chance to observe how best to apply the right cutting tools for their industries.

“The RhinoLine is interesting for us because it is a series of tools that cover a wide range of applications that we use on a daily basis,” said one leading representative of the energy sector.

Labeled RhinoMill, RhinoTurn, RhinoGroove and RhinoSolid, the new line offers tools that cover milling, turning and grooving.

“What I noticed was the RinoTurn FX chip breaker. During the machining, I saw that the chips were small and easily flew off,” said a machinist from one of Russia’s largest manufacturing companies.

The new FX chip breaker, specifically optimized for ball stud and pulley machining, enables excellent chip evacuation in soft material machining. During machining process, the chips generated by the FX chip breaker minimize the cutting load resulting in higher precision machining.

In addition, the wave chip breaker design means it is possible to process stable profile machining operations and the unique cutting edge design allows for excellent chip control at low depths of cut.

To increase the availability of positive inserts for a wider range of machining solutions, TaeguTec recently expanded its highly successful TT8080 grade. Launched in 2016, the TT8080 grade was only available for negative inserts. Now, TaeguTec offers this same high toughness and chipping resistant grade to internal and small parts processing customers using positive inserts for a wider range of machining solutions.

The TT8080 grade characterized by excellent toughness and chipping resistance is suitable for a wide range of machining applications, especially on stainless steels and heat resistant alloys.

TaeguTec, the market leader for indexable drills, demonstrated the power of the TwinRush during the demonstration part of the customer seminar.

“Drilling has always been an issue for us. We found that many cutting tools do not have adequate solutions for our demands,” said an executive from an auto parts manufacturer. “Here I found several great options and I'm looking forward to bringing in a TaeguTec engineer to our company to see how their tools can eliminate some of our annoying bottlenecks.”

The TwinRush combines the power of two of its popular drills into one package. The TwinRush’s excellent performance and high productivity takes away the worries associated with machining large diameter holes.

The noticeable feature of the TwinRush joins together a centering insert with a pair of precise square inserts on either side in order to combine two different drill types onto one drill body.

“It really worked well during the product demonstration on the materials we use the most,” said another interested small business owner in the energy field.

For those difficult-to-cut materials mostly used in the aerospace, oil and gas and power generation sectors, TaeguTec demonstrated the ChaseMold’s five-cutting edge inserts, the RTMX and the RTHX.

ChaseMold’s RTMX and RTHX inserts, including the line’s optimal cutter design, were born through rigorous trial and error as well as performance testing in order to attain excellent performance in stainless steel, difficult-to-cut materials and turbine blade machining under severe machining conditions and in unstable fixtures.

The RTMX is a press-to-size type line for economy while the RTHX ground type is dedicated towards high precision machining with both line’s offering a high positive rake angle for low cutting resistance.

“I was impressed by the tool life of this insert. We manufacture airfoil, shroud and the root part of the blade, these are all made with martensitic stainless steel. We need something that can outlast the tools we use now. TaeguTec explained that these tools outlasted the competition by 65 percent,” said an executive in the aerospace field.

Russia's vast geography is an important determinant of its economic activity – that is why TaeguTec Russia operates out of several branches throughout the country.