China, Russia Customer Seminar Offers Solutions During Tough Times ( Nov. 08. 2016 )

Many factors are affecting the current economic downturn such as weak market demand.

For China, the amounting pressure of industrial transformation and upgrading their machine tool industry is deeply affecting their operating revenue while in Russia, outside forces such as sanctions has cut into their bottom line.

In order to move forward, TaeguTec recently invited about 30 industrial professionals from every segment of the manufacturing sector from China and Russia to a customer seminar in order to showcase metal cutting solutions that will help increase their productivity, remove bottlenecks and ultimately increase their bottom line.

“There are truly a wide variety of tools we can start to look at right now so that we can upgrade our production and also there are tools that we need to look at for the future once we expand,” said a purchasing manager at a Chinese manufacturing company.

For two days, guests were treated to seminars that covered some of the newest, most popular and technologically advanced rotating and non-rotating cutting tools that the Asian metalworking giant offers.

Product managers discussed success stories, gave examples of how to increase productivity and illustrated how TaeguTec tools can outperform the competition.

Putting theory aside, guests from China and Russia also took part in product demonstrations where they saw firsthand the tools that were discussed operating in real-world situations by machining various different alloys.

What was also equally important was the chance for the guests to ask questions regarding how TaeguTec tools can best be applied to their industrial output.

“I was happy to have been given the chance to find out how to remove certain bottlenecks we have,” said a Chinese auto parts manufacturer. “He recommended the RhinoRush, I’ve heard about it before but haven’t seen it in action until now.”

TaeguTec’s RhinoRush line of mini inserts offers depths of cut in rough turning in the range of 2 to 3 millimeters and comes in a variety of chip breakers and types in order to better service any sector.

Known for its optimized edge geometry and innovative clamping structure, the interchangeable head of the DrillRush family offers remarkable performance compared to existing solid carbide or other conventional drills.

For customers that needed to focus on milling, TaeguTec demonstrated what the ChaseFeed, the Chase2Feed, the ChaseHepta, the ChaseMill Power, the MillRush and Mill2Rush can do to improve overall productivity and cut cost.

Some companies were in the market for a tool that can add power to their existing low RPM machines. For this, TaeguTec demonstrated the Typhoon, a revolutionary high-speed jet spindle designed to be used for high-speed machining in milling, holemaking and grinding applications.

The system works by utilizing the machine tool’s existing coolant supply, driven by a high-pressure pump as an energy source, to rotate a built-in turbine at speeds of up to 40,000 RPMs.

At the end of the customer seminar, guests left knowing that TaeguTec is ready with the tools and the service for all their metal removing needs.